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NDP will not beat ULP in December 9 election – PM

NDP will not beat ULP in December 9 election – PM

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There is absolutely no way, that the New Democratic Party (NDP) will be able to beat the Unity Labour Party (ULP) in

the upcoming poll on December 9.

This confident declaration was made last Monday by political leader of the ULP Dr Ralph Gonsalves at the launch of the ULP’s manifesto.{{more}}

“The way we do our work scientifically…there is no way…that the NDP could beat us, absolutely no way!”

Gonsalves told journalists that he can tell exactly which seats he is going to win and by how many votes.

“I can tell you in the critical seats within a margin of 15 or 20 votes how many votes we are going get and what they are going get…and the reason why we do that, I insist on a scientific combing and coding and I could tell you there is no way….”

He stated that many may feel that he is ‘rigging’ the election, but that is not so.

Instead, according to Gonsalves, his campaign is run

so efficiently that he would be able to know that critical information.

“I am telling you the way we are running our campaign…I can tell you for instance in North Windward, the boxes where are going to increase and roughly by how many,” Gonsalves stated convincingly.

“I am a scientific person and I have all the tools of the science and I use, and I count…,” the political leader who has contested every general elections in SVG since 1979 said.

He also stated that one of the main purposes of a political party is to win the general elections within the legal framework of the law.

“The Unity Labour Party is an organized party for several purposes and one of them is to win elections. When fellas talk about ‘you doing this because you want to win’…the business of a political party is to aggregate competing interests…and to set about and put the machinery in place to…win the election within the framework of the law.

“I know what it takes to win,” Gonsalves boldly asserted.

He also stated that if he does conduct a poll, he would not make the details public.

“If I did one, I wouldn’t tell anybody…. if we do a poll I would decide…what would be released and what would not be released if anything at all… I am doing it to facilitate the winning of the election.

“There is nothing wrong in winning election; in fact,what is wrong is to organize yourself so badly that you lose election,” Gonsalves stated jokingly.

He indicated that he is of the belief that a leader of a mass party, who fails to win elections should resign and stated that should the ULP lose the general elections, he would tender his resignation, but does not know if his party would accept it.

“But that is but within my contemplation because we not going to lose,” Gonsalves said.(CM)