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Persons may vote without ID cards, once they are registered

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Once a person has been registered to vote, that person will be allowed to vote on Election Day even if they do not have a national identification (ID) card.{{more}}

This point was reiterated last Sunday by Charles Samuel, the returning officer for the East St George constituency, who said that many people believe that a person cannot vote without an ID card.

Speaking on the Views on Issues programme on NBC Radio, Samuel said that misconception needs to be put to rest.

“On Election Day there is a list with all the names of the persons who are entitled to vote at that polling station. If your name is on the list, you can vote with or without any form of identification,” Samuel stated.

“If you do not have any form of identification, picture ID …the office will provide that sort of information. The office makes you an ID; they make one for themselves and keep it at the office, so they will have it there on Election Day,” he continued.

Although a form of identification is not necessary to vote, Samuel, however, said being in possession of an ID speeds up the process on Election Day.

“Having a picture identification speeds up the process, so instead of digging into my little box under the desk, you have yours in your hand, I don’t have to do that, so we save a half of a minute. Half a minute saved could add up to hours for the day.”

He also pointed out that while a person may possess several forms of picture identification, if that person’s name is not on the voters’ list, he or she would not be allowed to vote.

“…So the important thing here is make sure your name is on the list. If you do not have any form of picture identification the office will provide same,” Samuel stressed.

Samuel and supervisor of elections Sylvia Findlay were guests on the radio call in programme, discussing election day procedures.(CM)