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Vincyklus to hold ‘Packaging and Labelling’ seminar

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Efforts will continue to address problems with packaging and labelling methods used by local agro processors later this month when VincyKlus Inc, in conjunction with the SVG Bureau of Standards, hosts a half day seminar on the ‘Challenges of Packaging and Labelling’.

The seminar will be held on Thursday, November 26 at the Ministry of Health conference room, 8:30 a.m.-12:00 noon. It would be facilitated by personnel from the SVG Bureau of Standards.{{more}}

Vincyklus is an agro processing cluster founded on September 16, 2012, under a special initiative by the Centre for Enterprise Development Inc (CED), through its EU-funded Business Gateway Project. It was officially launched on November 10, 2012. The main objective of Vincyklus is to increase and strengthen the capability of individual producers, through export development training, marketing and promotions, and information support, in order to enhance and develop the export capacity of firms to take full advantage of market access opportunities.

“Over the years, we have noticed that some persons are using the wrong packaging for their products which influences the shelf life and visibility of their products, resulting in much spoilage. Also, the Bureau of Standards is very concerned that some of the labels being used do not give the right information about the products,” says a Vincyklus spokesperson.

“We are therefore putting on this particular seminar so that local agro processors can be enlightened about these challenges and be sensitized about following proper packaging and labelling methods. Vincyklus is therefore pleased to announce that this seminar is opened to not just our members only, but also all agro processors.”

Registration for this seminar can be done at the Vincyklus secretariat, located at the office of the Centre for Enterprise Development Inc.

Interested persons may collect a registration form or call 451-2235 or 526-1272.

Registration closes Thursday, November 19, 2015.