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Biker claims he’s being spited by nurses at MCMH

Biker claims he’s being spited by nurses at MCMH

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Biker Ozmar Francis wants nurses on the male surgical ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) to stop being spiteful towards him and treat him like a human being.

Francis was admitted to MCMH on October 21, after he was knocked from his bike in a road accident, resulting in a broken leg and fractures to his pelvis in four places.{{more}}

The Lauders resident told SEARCHLIGHT that his woes began on Saturday, October 31, two days after his surgery. He said when the doctor visited him, he asked, in the presence of a nurse, that the catheter inserted into his body be removed, as he found it uncomfortable.

According to the 28-year-old man, his decision to have the catheter removed angered the nurse.

“When the doctor left she got all upset and was like ‘why you ask the doctor to take out the catheter? Now I have to go for a urinal for you to pee in every minute and we have patients here with catheters in for over three weeks’.”

Francis said during this time, another nurse was changing the dressing on his left leg and as she was about to pull the sheet from under him, he asked her to give him a minute, so that he could try to take his weight off the sheet, so that he would not feel pain when she tugged the sheet.

“She tell me don’t tell her how to do her job, and wrapped both her hands in the sheet, twist my leg, twist my pelvis, so my whole foot was flat and paining me,” he related.

Francis said his pain was so intense that he screamed out, using expletives, asking why she had done that.

He claimed that while she was changing the sheet, the bed was positioned so that he could sit up and after he screamed in pain, she dropped the bed flat, “and just tug everything inside again,” causing further discomfort.

He admitted that following this, he screamed, “Don’t touch me,” to which the nurse responded, “with pleasure,” placing her hands on her head.

According to the young man, the nurse then walked away, leaving him in the painful position he was in for over an hour.

Two attendants were called later to lift him, but he said the pain was too much.

“I was like that from the Saturday to the Monday,” he claimed.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited Francis on the male surgical ward of the MCMH on Tuesday, he informed us that after the incident, his sister, who lives in the United States, contacted him on Facebook and when he told her what had happened, she called the hospital administration.

“So, the administrator probably call them and talk to them,” he said, adding that it caused murmurs amongst the nurses.

He said on Sunday, he stopped a passing nurse to ask her if she could raise his bed and she replied “raise the back of the bed so you could complain that I hurt your foot?” and left.

The following day, Monday, he said when the doctor came to see him, the nurses were told to change the dressing on his leg and give him antibiotics.

“They never change the dressing on my leg and they never gave me no medication until they change the shift the night. So, I was in the hospital without the dressing change and without any medication until Monday evening,” he alleged, clearly still in pain.

“I have five broken bones. I need antibiotics; they ain’t give me nothing.”

Francis said that same day, his urinal was full and he hollered for a nurse for over two hours to come and empty it, but was ignored until the evening shift, when it was emptied by a nurse.

He added that for three days after the surgery, he was not given a bath.

“Every nurse I ask, they say they coming back and never came back and I can’t move off the bed to go and get a shower, I had to call somebody from the outside to come here to give me a shower,” he said, adding, “The scent that was coming off of me was making me sick.”

Francis said on Tuesday morning, he tried to give himself a bath and asked for the nurse’s assistance in areas he could not reach, to which she replied, “wow”, and never returned.

“I am sitting here and they are spiting me purposely because my sister called the administrator. I don’t understand why if you do something wrong why you should be spiting a patient in the hospital.”

Repeated attempts by SEARCHLIGHT to contact hospital administrator Grace Walters for a response to Francis’ allegations proved futile. (AS)