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Eustace, collect your pension, go – Luke

Eustace, collect your pension, go – Luke

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The Unity Labour Party (ULP) candidate for East Kingstown, senator Luke Browne, says constituency incumbent Arnhim Eustace should resign ahead of the upcoming general elections and save himself embarrassment at polls.

Addressing a rally at Sion Hill on Saturday, Browne said the time has come for the New Democratic Party (NDP) president to collect his pension and move out of the way of progress.{{more}}

“He simply needs to collect his pension and to go and enjoy his retirement with his wife. I have said elsewhere, that he could save himself defeat at the polls by resigning and getting out of Parliament before the election. He still has time to gracefully bow off the stage and avoid any public embarrassment,” a fired up Browne told party supporters.

A fairly large crowd braved intermittent showers to listen to Browne’s plans for the constituency and his reasons why Eustace should be unseated when elections are called later this year.

Browne pleaded with supporters to give him the opportunity to be their next member of parliament for East Kingstown and to help him to bring down “the walls of Jericho.”

He is trying for second consecutive time to unseat Eustace, who has represented the constituency since 1998.

“There will be no more misrepresentation. The walls of Jericho will come down. Comrades, brothers and sisters, I offer myself to you and I ask you to give me the opportunity to be your next representative in Parliament …

“I am old enough to know about life and about what representation should entail and young enough to have the energy, vigour, drive and resources to get things done.

“Importantly, I have spent these 30 years among you. I am not a stranger. I was born here and I’ve lived here all my life. I am not someone who came to this constituency for political convenience without any real attachment to the people of East Kingstown,” said Browne, who celebrated his 30th birthday last week.

“I am here to help you to get a better future. I am here to tell you that you don’t have to settle for the type of representation that you received for the past 17 years or so. I am here to say that you don’t have to put up with the excuses or the lack of interest, energy, creativity and expertise that you have been forced to endure.”

Browne also said Eustace was condescending to public servants and teachers when he held the reins of government.

“His famous words were, ‘not one more cent for them’. I want us to keep that in mind in light of all that is going on.

“I am here tonight to say you deserve better than someone who would go to New York and embarrass the people of Walvaroo rather than try to uplift them.

“Someone who does not attend the national heroes month celebration in Dorsetshire Hill and someone who is so irresponsible that he did not share information with the police that they may have saved a young man’s life. This must have brought pain and sorrow to a mother’s heart. Simply put, I am here to tell the people of East Kingstown that there is hope for a better future and hope for better representation,” Browne stated.

He questioned the basis and reason the Opposition Leader could ask constituents to give him another five years as representative.

“What does he have to show for it? What has he achieved on your behalf? What is he going to do differently now? Mr Eustace had 17 years to prove himself and with all due respect, I have to say he came up short,” Browne said, adding that no one, not even Eustace, will be allowed to jeopardize the future of the people of East Kingstown.(KW)