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Saboto confident of another win at general elections

Saboto confident of another win at general elections

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“I feel extremely strong politically!”

This was the firm sentiment of the parliamentary representative for South Central Windward, as he expressed his confidence that he would once again win his seat at the upcoming general elections.{{more}}

Last Sunday, October 4, Saboto Caesar addressed a crowd gathered at the Diamond Government School for the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) political rally – asserting that he is very confident that the opposition party’s candidate will not defeat him.

“Don’t fall for the NDP propaganda, asking what was done over the last five years,” Caesar implored his constituents. “The ULP has transformed our infirmities into opportunities!”

He noted the numerous developments and improvements that have occurred in his constituency and throughout the nation, under the current administration, in terms of sports, agriculture, health, infrastructure and education.

In particular, Caesar focused on the local banana industry, and pointed out that it had gone into severe decline under a New Democratic Party (NDP) government.

“Why more than half of the banana farmers left the industry during your last eight years of NDP?”

He acknowledged that in the past five years, natural occurrences, such as pestilence and adverse weather conditions have taken a toll on the industry as well.

“It took hard, dedicated and strategic work under a Unity Labour Party government to keep agriculture afloat amidst all these disasters… we are working to restore the banana industry – exporting over 80 pallets per week.”

Caesar also noted that bananas are being exported under the Fairtrade and WINFRESH labels – with the latter also being used to export other crops grown locally.

“Farmers are returning to the industry, and during the fourth term, we will reap the fruits of Labour!”

Additionally, he pointed out that under a ULP regime, the quality of education offered has significantly improved – not only in his constituency, but across the country.

“St Vincent and the Grenadines made a quantum leap when it instituted universal secondary education,” he insisted.

Caesar also beseeched young people to “get ready” for a fourth term of ULP governance, as it would bring on stream several projects and developments that would provide employment and educational opportunities for the nation’s youth.

Also present at the political rally was ULP candidate for East St George Camillo Gonsalves, who also spoke of the ways in which the ULP is helping youths – not only by providing them with opportunities, but also encouraging them to get involved within the party and its candidacy.

“This party is a party that puts the future in front of it and strives to meet it. The other party, their future is in the past, and they keep looking over their shoulder to remember the glory days,” elaborated Gonsalves. “But those days are gone – this is the time for a new generation to take St Vincent and the Grenadines forward… new leadership… new ideas… new execution…”

He also gave his full support for Saboto Caesar, encouraging constituents to vote for him in the upcoming general elections, as he believes that the ULP is the better choice to carry the country forward in terms of social and economic development.

“Saboto is elevating the agricultural sector and the farmers of St Vincent and the Grenadines – that’s what he’s doing. Saboto realizes, as the ULP realizes, that agriculture remains a stable and viable path out of poverty… agriculture gives you your independence!”

Asserting that poverty is at the root of the conversation about development, Gonsalves said that in order to alleviate it, “you need to put people at the centre of everything you do as a government.

“Poverty is a man-made problem. Poverty is made by the systems that men put in place,” he insisted.

He explained that on a global scale, it is just the few who gain wealth while the masses have to work hard for little reward; and that SVG has inherited that unjust system from colonialism.

“In countries like ours… we, the people, have a choice – we can choose to accept the system that we live under or we can choose to change the system that we live in…

“This Government has made a conscious decision to destroy, to dismantle the pillars of poverty in St Vincent and the Grenadines. We came to eradicate poverty… to revolutionize the way our systems are structured and to actively engage the outside world in the interest of Vincentian people.”

Gonsalves told his audience that voting for the ULP in the general elections would “deepen and consolidate” the positive changes that it has established over the years, as opposed to returning to the “aimless, unimaginative, backward, heartless policies” of the NDP.

He put forward the opinionthat the Opposition stands against the good works of the ULP because they do not have the best interests of the nation at heart.

“Their bread done butter… they don’t care whether or not poor people children going to secondary school… They are not interested in the comfort and the health and the safety of poor people and of Vincentians. That is a fact!”

Additionally, he criticized the NDP for not having any coherent plans on how to take the nation forward, although it has been in Opposition for 15 years.

“Let us move forward together… I want you to show on Election Day that Saboto Caesar is your choice to reduce poverty, increase development and make the lives of Vincentian people better!”

Also delivering remarks at the rally was MP for South Windward Frederick Stevenson and MP for North Windward Montgomery Daniel.(JSV)