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Appearing with pitchfork was not a threat – Dr Ferdinand

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Dr Julian Ferdinand is adamant that when he appeared on the platform of a meeting of the New Democratic Party (NDP) at Campden Park with a pitchfork in hand, his actions were not mean to be a threat to the supporters of the Unity Labour Party (ULP).{{more}}

“…that whole presentation was directed against the corruption of the ULP, not against the supporters of the Unity Labour Party. I never directed any of those comments to the Unity Labour Party supporters,” Ferdinand said, while addressing a meeting of the NDP at Chateaubelair last Saturday.

Ferdinand’s remarks were in response to a ‘letter to the editor’ published by SEARCHLIGHT on September 25, in which Dr Richard A Byron-Cox describes Ferdinand’s actions on September 19 as “dangerously provocative and may incite violence. For me, it was indeed a symbol of violence, expletives and deadly hate towards his political opponents.”

Byron-Cox added that he was not surprised by Ferdinand’s actions.

“… Indeed I expect Jules to do much worse as the elections get closer …Jules is SVG’s most cunningly dangerous politician….”

However, the NDP candidate for West St George, in his own defence, said he had been told by a supporter of the ULP that he will not be voting because he (Ferdinand) is a good man and he cannot vote against him.

“… so I don’t know where Dr Richard A Byron Cox is getting his information from,” the NDP hopeful stated passionately.

Byron-Cox, in the letter, also attacked Ferdinand’s weekly articles in another local newspaper, stating that “weekly, Jules presents himself … as a paragon of virtue. He is always preaching to us about morality and the like.”

Ferdinand said on the contrary, his articles motivate, build people up and uplift people.

“…there are times when I admit my mistakes, my shortcomings and I will say we need to do better and very often after I say ‘we’, I put in brackets you and I, so how could he in all good conscience say that I am talking down to people?”

Ferdinand nonetheless said he is not deterred by Byron-Cox’s comments and is now even more firm in his belief that he is running for the right party.

“Those of us who are here making themselves available to be candidates, making it known to you that we are ready to represent you to the best of our ability …we know that this task may not be easy. It is not for the weak, it not for the faint of heart, it is not for the fearful and so as we go forward, we are fearless; so let them say what they want…and we will do it under the leadership of the Honorable Arnhim Eustace,” Ferdinand firmly stated. (CM)