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Vault, over $31,000 stolen from Community College

Vault, over $31,000 stolen from Community College

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The vault that was stolen from the St Vincent Community College over the weekend is reported to have contained over $31,000.

Up to press time on Wednesday, investigations were still being carried out into the matter.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the vault,{{more}} located at the Villa Campus, is placed in a cupboard that is usually locked. However, that cupboard is reported to have not been locked at the time of the heist.

When contacted, deputy director of the SVGCC Nigel Scott declined to comment on the matter, stating that it is being investigated by the police.

Head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) at the Calliaqua Police Station, Assistant Superintendent Sydney James, confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT that a report was made by the institution in relation to the stolen vault.

He, however, declined to state the amount the vault contained.

According to reports, the money stored in the vault was from student registrations. (KW)