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Pan Against Crime Summer Programme comes to an end

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The Pan Against Crime Summer Programme came to end on August 14 at the CW Prescod Primary School in Kingstown.

At the closing ceremony, parents and well-wishers were serenaded with the sweet sound of pan music by the participants, who were eager to show off what they had learned during the four-week period.{{more}}

Inspector Hawkins Nanton of the Police Public Relations Department, while delivering brief remarks, expressed his pleasure with the talent that the children were showcasing.

He stated that Pan Against Crime initiative was all about nurturing children, since the programme’s inception in 2008.

Nanton advised parents that they must be mindful of what their children are doing and monitor what they participate in on the Internet. He encouraged parents to allow their children to participate in positive activities, such as the Pan Against Crime programme and noted that he has seen the positive impact the initiative has had on the children.

He urged parents to invest in their children and continue to nurture and guide them.

Programme facilitator Kesslon “Taffa” Wilson, a music teacher at the CW Prescod Primary School, stated that he believes that parents should “get the belt” if the students are failing in their school work. He made those remarks because of the intricate nature of the pan and how well the students adapted to the instrument.

Wilson disclosed that although the programme started with 30 participants, the number dwindled as the weeks went on.

He said he was not discouraged by this and put in even more effort with those who stayed, because they showed a true interest in learning about the steel pan.

Wilson highlighted the global growth of the pan and spoke of the recent International Panorama Competition that took place in Trinidad and Tobago.

Since the steel pan has become such an intertwined part of our culture, Wilson wants to ensure that the tradition is passed on to the future generations so that our culture would not be lost.

He thanked the parents for showing an interest in getting their children to learn a musical instrument and for making that instrument the steel pan.(CM)