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Mama’s Corner wins BIG with X104.3 FM & Hairoun

Mama’s Corner wins BIG with X104.3 FM & Hairoun

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Mama’s Corner is the winner of the ‘X Marks The Spot Promotion’, which wrapped up on Wednesday May 6 with a draw.

The shop, which is located in Fairbane Pasture, will be awarded with a fully promoted event: one-hour live broadcast on X104.3 FM from their location and cases of Hairoun beer compliments St Vincent Brewery Limited.{{more}} The event will take place this Saturday, May 16.

Seven finalists were selected from the final draw, based on how loud X104.3 was being played at their place of business.

In the final draw, the person who selected the ‘X’ hidden in the glass of mostly blank papers emerged as the winner.

Other finalists in the promotion were Secrets Bar, Big City Life Bar, Handle Bar, Pete’s Shop and Roberts shop.