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Skerritt elected for fourth term

Skerritt elected for fourth term

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The Dominica Labour Party (DLP) of Roosevelt Skerritt has been elected to office for a fourth consecutive term.

As SEARCHLIGHT went to press last evening, victory for the DLP had been declared in the majority of the 21 constituencies including Grand Fond, Castle Bruce, La Plaine, Petite Savanne, Paix Bouche, Colihaut, Cottage, Carib Territory. The DLP was also said to be leading in Mahaut, Vieille Case, Roseau Valley, St Joseph, Portsmouth and Grand Bay.{{more}}

The DLP has been returned to office with a reduced majority; the party having gone into the general elections with 18 seats.

New leader of the opposition United Workers Party Lennox Linton won his seat, and was elected to parliament for the first time.

Addressing the nation shortly after 10:00 last night, Prime Minister Skerritt said he was humbled by the overwhelming response by the electorate of Dominica and welcomed three new members of this team to parliament and commiserated with those who were not successful.

He also congratulated Linton on his election to Parliament.

Prime Minister Skerritt said he is convinced that the onslaught on ignorance and poverty by the DLP has borne fruit.