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Live, love and embrace nature

Live, love and embrace nature

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Tue Nov 11, 2014

National Parks Authority is undertaking site improvement works to ensure tourist sites are better than ever for the upcoming tourist season. The Authority manages some of the country’s most popular nature sites, including the Botanic Gardens, Dark View Falls and the south coast beaches. {{more}}Next year marks the 250th anniversary of the Botanic Gardens, and a variety of events are planned, including an enactment parade for the breadfruit tree arrival into Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, nature under the moonlight, along with interactive workshops, and exhibitions.

Work is currently underway to restore Dark View Falls after it was severely damaged in the Christmas Storm of 2013. North Leeward Tourism Association and National Parks Authority are collaborating to restore the water pool, rebuild the bridge, plant trees and shrubs, in addition to installing new seating on the sites to make it more attractive and comfortable to visitors. Infrastructure is also being upgraded and refurbished at six other sites. Plans are afoot for the reopening of the Falls of Baleine, which was closed over three years ago, following major storm damage and rock fall. The spectacular waterfalls and pool is sure to reclaim its title as one of the most popular sites in St Vincent.

Work is also continuing on the south coast to conserve the beach and marine ecosystems as part of a Marine Park initiative, with project support and funding from the Caribbean Aqua-Terrestrial Solutions project (CATS), so they can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. The next few months will see the implementation of a number of activities in the south coast area, including a Lion fish Derby, logo competition and community consultation, as part of a communication awareness programme. This month, remember that tourism is dependent on a healthy environment, which is everyone’s responsibility. Tourism is everyone’s business.(This article is published as part of the activities for Tourism Month)