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Kingstown Park man may have been expecting the worst before he was killed

Kingstown Park man may have been expecting the worst before he was killed

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Up to press time last night, details surrounding the death of Keon Lawrence remained sketchy, but the deceased may have been expecting the worst on the night his life was taken.{{more}}

One individual in the community of Kingstown Park where Lawrence lived and died, said that the businessman seemed nervous, shortly before he was killed; frequently glancing at his phone and looking over his shoulders.

SEARCHLIGHT was informed that just before 11:00 pm on Saturday night, Lawrence, 38, left an area of Kingstown Park to go to his home further up on the main road.

On his way, he was ambushed by two men who opened fire on him, hitting him several times.

The injured man ran back down the road in an attempt to evade his assailants, but was chased by the men, who continued firing.

One resident of the area told SEARCHLIGHT that he heard the shots being fired and heard footsteps outside his home, but did not look outside when he heard the commotion.

At about 7:00 am on Sunday, curious villagers went searching the area where they had heard the footsteps, and discovered Lawrence’s body at the edge of a river that flows behind houses in the area. They then summoned the police.

This was not the first time that Lawrence, who resided for some years in North America, was attacked by gunmen in recent times.

On August 9 this year, Lawrence was shot multiple times, including once in the hand.

At the time of the earlier shooting, he was sitting in a shop at Rose Place, Kingstown, when two masked men shot him after pulling guns from buckets they were carrying.

Lawrence’s shooting death was one of three that took place over the weekend.

According to police reports, Damien Blucher, a 25 year-old labourer was gunned down in Glen about 10:30pm on Saturday, and 48-year-old Lawrence Marks was shot in Yambou at approximately 7:00 pm the same evening.(JJ)