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Basin Hole Bridge reopens tomorrow

Basin Hole Bridge reopens tomorrow

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After being affected by three major natural disasters, the Basin Hole Bridge in Langley Park will be officially reopened tomorrow.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves told media officials yesterday that he will be cutting the meeting of Cabinet short on Wednesday, in order to attend the official opening ceremony at 3 p.m.{{more}}

“I’m going to open the bridge at Basin Hole. I had made a note when they told me they [are] curing for the 28 days. Tomorrow the 28 days will be up for the curing of the concrete and the bypass is deteriorating with all these rains, so I don’t want that bridge to be not open even for one day, once it is ready for us to drive on it,” he said.

The prime minister further encouraged persons in the North Windward area to turn out in their numbers for the event as the bridge has faced many trials over the past years.

“We have been at this bridge – Tomas mash it up, then we were doing still some movements there and the April floods come and wreck it in 2011 and then whilst we were doing it, rebuilding, the floods last year came and gave it a bang. It has been real unfortunate in that area and with that particular project,” Gonsalves said.

Works on other bridges affected by natural disasters are expected to begin soon.

Gonsalves noted that Bailey Contractors have been mobilized and will be starting work shortly on the Caratal Bridge. Also, the Ecuadorians, who arrived in SVG last month, are expected to begin work shortly on four bridges in various areas on the Leeward side of the island.(BK)