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PM hints at early election

PM hints at early election

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Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has indicated that he may consider calling general elections sooner than expected.

The Prime Minister, who on a number of occasions publically announced that he would not hold elections until the completion of the international airport at Argyle, on Monday said that if {{more}}he was pushed enough by the members of the opposition New Democratic Party and its supporters, he would make way for elections before the airport’s completion.

He said that the Opposition parliamentarians have always been against the construction of the facility.

“….They opposed it, although yo hear they talking ’bout now give them a chance they go finish it; they think Vincentians dotish; well it going finish before the election.

“And if they humbug me, and the way they going, I call the election before it finish, and let the people decide who they want finish it, them or me.

“They better doh humbug me you know. I told them before that I wouldn’t call the elections before the airport done, but they getting on as though they want provoke I, and if they provoke me too much I will call the thing and say ‘listen, they say they want to finish it, the Comrade or Eustace, and if they say Eustace, I will stay up at Gorse and enjoy meself like a rastaman up there.”

Gonsalves said that persons wished bad for him, and that the undertaking would make him sick when he announced the construction of the airport.

“I want to speak so the village can understand me. They were going about the place ‘leh him gwaan, we see better than he; that thing will give him bammancou (a colloquial term for a hernia)’ and they were making every single effort, but every road block in my way to see if I would get bammancou, but I am here in a good condition and I ain’t get bammancou yet from the airport,” Gonsalves said.

Construction on the Argyle international airport began in 2008 and was scheduled to be completed in 2013.

The airport is now scheduled to be finished mid 2015.(JJ)