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SVG Music Association to hold benefit concert

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The St Vincent and the Grenadines Music Association will stage their annual prize-giving ceremony at Government House on Thursday, October 30, from 5 p.m., but this time with an all-important cause highlighted, that of Floyd Bailey.{{more}}

“Our beloved Floyd Bailey, student at the SVG Grammar School, was diagnosed with Leukemia, and though much has been done, so much more must be done toward raising the required XCD$126,000, to pay for his medical expenses. Hence, the Association is soliciting the generosity of all Vincentians in this time of need,” a release said.

“This year’s prize-giving concert has been converted into a benefit concert where all proceeds will go toward Floyd’s medical expenses. Admission to the concert is $20 by tickets only. The concert will be carried live on radio. The event will feature open phone lines to accommodate pledges; it is no surprise then that we are alerting Vincentians locally and in the Diaspora concerning our dear Floyd and his grave and urgent need for our support. It is no accident either, that such actions are being undertaken by a fantastic new executive that’s simply “mm”, who promises and guarantees an unmatched difference, and solicits your holistic involvement and generous support.”

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Music Association appeals to all music teachers, music students, parents, musicians all, friends and schoolmates of Floyd, church brethren of his, and all so moved to attend this purposeful concert. Tickets for the concert can be purchased at the White Chapel Music School (above China Town).

“We also solicit your donations through the call in radio program, airing live October 30, or to make your contribution directly to the Association by contacting executive members Donna Clarke, Jacintha Fergus, Alexon Fergus, Elizabeth McMaster, Curtis W A Williams, Debra Mckenzie, Anthony Theobalds, Desmond John, Kaushalya Nedd and Floyd Parris.”