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Sentence for former registrar ‘scandalous’ – Opposition Leader

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“Scandalous” is how Leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace views the recent sentencing of former High Court registrar Tamara Gibson-Marks.{{more}}

While speaking on the New Times radio programme yesterday, Eustace declared that the issue has left a bitter taste in the mouths and in the minds of Vincentians.

“People believe we have two systems of justice; one for those who we figure is important, another one for those who we figure is poor and unimportant,” he said.

“This decision of the court, even the charges that were laid, to my mind were lacking and the decision taken as far as that is concerned and in the court, for me is scandalous. I think it sends a very wrong message to the population of St Vincent and the Grenadines and it sends a wrong message particularly to the young people in our country, who for crimes of much lesser importance and gravity, we find many of our youngsters in jail.”

The Opposition Leader stated that this decision would cause persons to lose confidence in the court system and opined that there would be repercussions in the future regarding this matter.

“It lessens the court in people’s eyes, because they expect justice and they don’t see this as justice because lesser crimes have taken place with much more severe punishment. We must not tolerate this as a nation. We can’t have two sets of rules or what it seems like to the general public: that people are being treated differently because of their status in society,” Eustace said.

On October 7, Gibson-Marks pleaded guilty to charges of theft of $21,925 and abuse of office. On October 14, she was fined a total of $10,500 — $4,500 to be paid in one month for the charge of theft or three months in prison and $6,000 for the charge of abuse of office, to be paid in three months or a six-month jail sentence on default. (BK)