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Men recuperating at MCMH after being shot in Green Hill

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One of the two men injured in a shooting incident two weeks ago says that he is hoping for a speedy recovery.{{more}}

Garth Glasgow told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday from his hospital bed at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, when, as SEARCHLIGHT was informed, two masked men opened fire on him and other patrons at a shop in Green Hill, not too far from the victim’s home.

Another Green Hill resident, Marlon Robertson, also sustained gunshot injuries, and he, too, is currently warded at the hospital.

When approached for an interview, Robertson declined to speak to SEARCHLIGHT.

Glasgow however, recounted the events on the night of Saturday, October 4, that ended with him receiving a bullet to the right hip.

According to the 36-year-old man, he was expecting a friend to come visit him that night, and decided to wait for the friend at a shop not too far from where he resides.

“I was at the shop sitting on the porch, watching some fellas play domino and pool,” Glasgow recalled.

“Then the next thing I hear is ‘BAM’.

“By the time I jump off the porch to look to see what happen, I just hear ‘bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam,’ and I realize the bullet them passing close to me and I end up and had to throw myself over the porch. I drop over the porch.”

Glasgow said that the shots were fired in quick succession, and after the shooting had stopped, he tried to get up to run, but then fell down, only to realize that he couldn’t move.

“After all the shots them stop fire, I see people running in the road and I call out to somebody to help, so a guy had to get another person to bring me from the yard into the road; that is when I see me partner Marlon on the ground, so I thought like he dead.”

He said that persons on the scene put him and Robertson into a vehicle belonging to Robertson, but no one was willing to drive the men to the hospital, because they were still nervous about what had just transpired.

“So, a guy who didn’t have no licence, but he could drive, he drive we to casualty and that is when I realize now that my shoulder come out of place from the fall. Up to now I can’t move my left hand.”

According to Glasgow, he does not believe that he was the intended target of the shooter(s). He said he believes the gunmen were interested in some other persons who were at the shop, since he is not one to get into altercations and arguments.

“It couldn’t be me they was after, because where I drop, they could have shoot me right there. That’s how I know it was not me.

“I feel ah kinda way because I wasn’t looking for them things. I wouldn’t feel good going back there to lime. Is like too much people who not from the area coming around, so if they have issues elsewhere with other persons, they bringing that heat on the block.

“I just ‘wrinching,’ because the man dem will have me on bed for 21 days and I have my children out there to take care of,” Glasgow said.(JJ)