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VSPCA launches mobile animal clinic

VSPCA launches mobile animal clinic

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In celebration of World Animal Day, the Vincentian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (VSPCA), launched their mobile animal clinic, on Saturday, October 4, at the Arnos Vale Playing Field.{{more}}

Speaking at the launch, Dr Coleen Phillips, proprietor of Pets and Medix and one of the founding directors of the VSPCA, told a small gathering that animal care is always a joy.

The veterinarian said in 2011, she was busy trying to look after stray animals on the streets, when she met an individual who came up with the idea of starting a group.

Phillips said with the pooling of more persons and resources, the VSPCA came to life.

“The VSPCA is all about helping our four-legged friends in whatever form or specie. It’s not just about dog and cats. It’s about ensuring that the animal’s welfare is taken care of and that they are not on the streets roaming and abused,” she said.

Within the three years of the group’s existence, Phillips said they have faced several challenges and good fortune.

“It is part of our good fortune that today we are going to bless our mobile unit and I must say congratulations to everyone involved. The work has just started. It’s not a sprint…,” Phillips stated.

She said the group will need the support of Vincentians, not just financially, but the moral support to make sure the animals are well taken care of.

Phillips said they have generous donors, but noted that funding is depleted quickly.

“The volumes of animals to whom we must provide service are quite large and with that, your input is quite necessary,” said Phillips.

She pleaded with persons who seek the VSPCA’s assistance, that they should do so with “moral dignity.”

“If you can afford to take your animals to a vet, then take your animal to the vet and let the VSPCA help the animals or owners that really need the assistance financially. That’s one of the biggest issues we are trying to tackle right now,” Phillips said.

Another one of the founding members of the VSPCA, Margaret Ferrari said the mobile unit makes it easier to travel around the country and take care of animals.

“We started more in hope than expectations and the only thing that brought us together was our shared love of animals and the horror we saw on the street every day,” Ferrari stated.

In the three years they have been in existence, Ferrari said they have already started to make a difference.

“In 2012, with the help of Dr Boyle and Phillips, we were able to perform 63 spays and neuters. In 2013, that number went up to 303,” she said.

To date, the VSPCA has performed 605 spaying and neutering of animals.

“Spaying and neutering is the surest way to alleviate the suffering of the animals we see every day. You can’t walk a mile in this country and not come across a starving dog,” Ferrari added.

Ferrari noted that they also care for other animals besides dogs and cats.

Persons may contact the VSPCA at 532-9327 for more information.(KW)