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Spring Village Methodist Pre-school marks 15 years of existence

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The Spring Village Methodist Pre-school will be celebrating 15 years of existence under the theme “Forging Ahead into the Future with Early Childhood Education”{{more}}

A week of activities will be celebrated from September 28 to October 2014.

On September 28, beginning at 11a.m., a church service will be held at the Spring Village Methodist Church.

On Monday, September 29, distribution of school supplies to less fortunate children will be done at the Methodist Primary School. On Tuesday, September 30, there will be a discussion on “Eating Healthily” by Nurse Rhonda Stapleton, a lecturer at the School of Nursing.

There will be a visitation to sites in the area on Wednesday, October 1. On Thursday, October 2, a visit will be paid to the petroglyph in Layou and to the Government Printery in Campden Park.

On Friday, October 3, there will be an Open Day for parents and community workers.

The week will end on Saturday, October 4 with a day of prayer. Individuals are asked to pray on the hour for the school.