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Management of assizes list is most difficult job – DPP

Management of assizes list is most difficult job – DPP

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Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams has made it known that the biggest challenge about his job is working along with counsel in scheduling matters and bringing matters on a a particular date.{{more}}

The DPP made this disclosure on Tuesday, at the close of Criminal Assizes at the High Court.

“There are so many variables that comes into play and I know Justice James has a particular approach towards scheduling matters. Justice James likes to state a date for matters… This has resulted in some pressure and problems in terms of scheduling,” the DPP said.

Williams said they have been able to schedule matters on time in the past, but it is not always the case.

“Sometimes we say, ok, your matter is set down for x date, but by x date, other matters are still going on.”

According to Williams, the management of the Assizes list is the most challenging aspect of the Assizes and the overall functioning of the the office of the Director of Public Prosecution.

“I tried to do it to the best of my ability and the way in which some cases operate, it is not always possible to stick to that,” Williams said.

The DPP conceded that they were not as successful in this Assizes as they were in the October to December 2012 Assizes, but noted that it was still satisfactory.

Of the 48 matters listed for trial, Williams said 15 were called for hearing, with a “couple” going back for re-trials.

A total of 53 matters were down for hearing at the Assizes, 48 of which were listed for trial and the others for sentencing. (KW)