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Youths get hands-on training in art and crafts

Youths get hands-on training in art and crafts


Seventy-two youngsters, aged 4 to 18, from Sion Hill and its environs, were for two weeks involved in a Lazarus Foundation programme.{{more}}

The programme, the second of its kind staged by the charitable organisation, took place at the Sion Hill Village hard court.

It ran from August 6 to 17, under the theme “Learning and enjoying our Vacation”.

Participants were involved in art and craft, tie-dyeing, jewellery making and basket making.

There was also drumming, dancing, reading, storytelling and three field trips.

Programme co-ordinator Idesha Jackson said that despite the challenges at times, the effort was worthwhile, and that she looks forward to next year’s events.

She was also pleased with the tokens donated by persons, organisations, firms and the community.

Contributors to the programme include Shawn Hewitt, Venton James, Brian Glasgow, Rochester Lewis, Adrian Providence, Kelroy Webb, Goaland Greaves, Glenwayne Jackson, Natasha Sargeant, Nikesha Douglas, Joseph Delves, Karen Hinds, Ruth Alves, Ancelma Rose, Bonadie’s Supermarket, Office and Computer Solutions, and the Rotaract Club.

The programme concluded with an awards ceremony and participants received certificates of attendance.

Outstanding persons in various fields received prizes.