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Residents hurt over death of one-year-old

Residents hurt over death of one-year-old


Some residents of Robertson Hill, Arnos Vale say they are hurt by the death — a suspected homicide — of one-year-old McKealti Peters there on Wednesday.{{more}}

Police said Mischicha Peters, 18, is assisting with their investigation into the death of her son, whom two children told neighbours the woman stifled with a pillow.

Neighbour Nicole Aberdeen, who reported the incident to police, told SEARCHLIGHT the death was painful for her.

“… It hurt me to see an innocent child [die]. … whatever frustration, don’t take it out on the innocent children. They didn’t call you … Is you who go and make them,” she said.

Aberdeen, who returned from Barbados four months ago, said she did not know Mischicha or her family well.

The Peters are renting the wooden house in which they live, and the landlord, who did not want to be identified, said they were living there for two and a half months.

Sources told SEARCHLIGHT that Mischicha got pregnant during her last year at the Girls’ High School in 2011 and wrote her secondary school-leaving examinations while she was pregnant.

“I feel so hurt. I start to bawl. I run out in the road and start to cry,” Aberdeen said of the infant’s death, adding that her cries alerted other neighbours.

“I know what it is like to see somebody die. … My father was ill and I watch him die. I know [what] the feelings are,” she said.

Anthony Alexander

told Aberdeen, his housemate, about the infant’s death.

Two children, said to be between six and eight years old, told the man that the infant had been killed.

Aberdeen said that she was thankful that the police arrived about five minutes after she telephoned them.

“It going to affect me so bad, because ah really hurt about it. As you can see before, the whole village came out. Everybody is really shaken up about it,” she further said of the death.

Meanwhile, Cartina “Carmen” Benn, another neighbour, said she knew the Peters since they moved into the neighbour hood.

“I know the grandfather of the girl. I never know them as no warisome (quarrelsome) people,” she said.

“They always be cool. They never dey in no noise as such. … So, I don’t know what got up in that girl head to do that baby such a wicked act,” Benn told SEARCHLIGHT.

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