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Marriaqua Secondary School reunion ends with gala event

Marriaqua Secondary School reunion ends with gala event


The first ever school reunion of the Marriaqua Secondary School/St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua concluded last Saturday with its gala awards and recognition dinner.{{more}}

The dinner, at the St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua, saw four past students and one current teacher being recognized and awarded for their contributions to this society and to the school.

Specifically, Calma Balcombe and Helen Prince were awarded for their contribution to the field of Education, Reuben John for his contribution to Accounting and Finance and Volmar Da Silva for his contribution in the field of Pharmaceuticals.

Jennifer Browne was recognized for her dedication and commitment to the school. Of the five awardees, three were on hand to receive their awards.

The dinner brought the curtains down on a week of activities, which ran from July 14 to 21. The school reunion saw past students from the diaspora returning home for the event. Old bonds were rekindled and new life-long friendships were formed.

Monies raised from the several fundraising events would be donated to the school towards its computer project.

The Reunion Planning Committee has expressed its thanks to all past students who attended the activities or supported the effort in one way or another.

“To members of the public who also supported us to you we say a heartfelt thank you. We look forward to your continued support in the future,” a release from the Committee said.