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Local group to launch social change initiative


A programme seeking to foster positive social change by raising consciousness is to be launched here soon.{{more}}

Vision 2025 SVG, an initiative of the Hairouna Progressive Organization, will be launched on Sunday, August 26 from 3 p.m. at the Questelles Learning Resource Center.

According to a release from Hairouna Progressive Organization, the initiative was partly inspired by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, when he said that by 2025, we should have on average, at least one university graduate in each household in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The vision has four main pillars, which include: bolstering the Education Revolution (which encompasses raising youth and national consciousness), fostering national pride, promoting participatory democracy and building a green economy.

“We at Hairouna believe that if we work towards this vision now, then by 2025, our country should have crossed significant milestones of development,” the release said.

The feature address at the launch will be made by economist and Rhodes Scholar Luke Browne. Addresses will also be made by Demion Mc Tair, President of the Hairouna Progressive Organization and Fitz-Gerald Providence, acting Director of Forestry.

The theme for the launch is “Building a St Vincent and the Grenadines we can all be proud of”.

The brief launch will be followed by the main event for the evening, which will be a Breadfruit Festival.

Director of Culture Anthony Theobalds will be present at this event, at which there will be many cultural performances, as well as over 25 different dishes made from breadfruit.

The theme for the Breadfruit Festival is “Sustaining ourselves – Developing ourselves”.