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Container handling unit damages truck at Campden Park port

Container handling unit damages truck at Campden Park port


Following an incident in which a container handling unit at the Campden Park Container Port damaged a vehicle on Wednesday, Manager of the St Vincent Port Authority Bishen John says there is no increased risk to persons and vehicles using the Campden Park Container Port.{{more}}

The accident was the second such incident since May.

Witnesses told SEARCHLIGHT that the heavy-lifting vehicle continued to move after its engine shut down — seemingly unexpectedly — and damaged a truck belonging to C.K. Greaves and Company Ltd.

The vehicle was later driven out of the compound, but the left side of the windshield was cracked and the panel on that side dented.

On May 11, the unit also damaged a tractor trailer used to haul containers, owned by Patrick Ferrari.

“They are being very nice, I can tell you that much. The Port Authority is definitely at fault, I don’t think they are arguing the point. Their insurance has gotten in touch with me,” Ferrari told SEARCHLIGHT.

“The container handling unit reversed into it (the tractor trailer). I think the brake was defective,” Ferrari said.

Asked why he believes the brake of the container handling unit was defective, Ferrari said, “I have been in that port many, many years. I know the brake is defective.”

He said that the left front side of the cab of his truck was twisted in the accident and the truck cannot be operated.

But John said that the incidents do not mean that port users are at increased risk.

“There are always concerns when you enter an industrialised area, which the port is classified as … But whether there is increased risk, I would say no,” he told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday.

Regarding the incidents, John said:

“We are still conducting investigations. They haven’t been concluded as yet, so, at this moment, I wouldn’t be able to give a full statement. We are still working on getting the details.”

He said the Port Authority was conducting its own investigation, in addition to another by its insurance company. ([email protected])