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Venezuelan envoy expects Phase 1 of fuel plant to be finished by December

Venezuelan envoy expects Phase 1 of fuel plant to be finished by December


Construction on phase one of the fuel plant and storage facility located at VINLEC’s power plant at Lowmans Bay is expected to be completed by December this year.{{more}}

Confirmation of this was given by Venezuelan Ambassador Yoel Perez Marcano last Thursday, following the arrival of a 13-member mechanical team from Hafran Caribe Company Limited from Venezuela.

The construction of the plant began in September 2007, but was interrupted in December last year, following “some operational problems”, the Ambassador said.

The Venezuelans, some of whom were already dressed in their work gear, were given a surprise breakfast reception by Ambassador Marcano on their arrival, Thursday, August 9.

“This is good news, eagerly awaited by the Vincentian people and workers, because new employment will be generated on the completion of phase one of this project, possibly in December this year 2012,” said the Ambassador.

Upon completion of the project, which is being undertaken by Petroleos Venezuela Caribbean, PDVCARIBE, the facility will store diesel, jJetA1, petrol and cooking gas.

“This beautiful project is part of a generous program of Venezuelan fuel sales with special payment conditions to eighteen countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, which has enabled them to cope with high oil prices and funded socio-economic projects to improve the quality of these people lives.”

Luis Periera, the engineer who leads the team, reported that the project is nearing 50 per cent completion and his team will be working assiduously to ensure that the next phase is completed by end of year.

He also said that the Venezuelan team will mostly be engaged in mechanical work, because of the limitation of skilled Vincentians in that field.

“In the civil work, we are working with local enterprises. At this point, we are working with one local company, but in the future we will work with at least fifty Vincentians working with us…” he said.

While on island, the Venezuelan team will be responsible for the completion of the two gasoline tanks which will house 10,000 barrels of gasoline.

According to Periera, the team is expected to complete the task in one and a half months. (AA)