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Students benefit from SVG Solidarity in Action organisation scholarships

Students benefit from SVG Solidarity in Action organisation scholarships


When the new school term commences in September, Lericia Abott and Jonta Grecia will be entering secondary school on full five-year scholarships, thanks to the St Vincent and the Grenadines Solidarity In Action organisation.{{more}}

At a brief ceremony on Wednesday, Abott, who will be heading to the Girls’ High School and Grecia, the Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia, were presented with their scholarships at the National Workers Movement (NWM) headquarters at Paul’s Avenue.

Chairman Renwick Rose, said the organisation continues to show their public spiritedness and commitment to the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Rose said while their purpose is to help to support farmers and workers organisations, since commencing operations in 2010, the board of directors thought it would be useful to, where possible, render some assistance in the community – particularly to community organisations and helpful causes.

Rose told reporters that they have been making small contributions to other organisations, but in recent times, they have been receiving a lot of requests for large sums.

“Solidarity in Action is not set up to be an organisation which is there to simply donate money to all the worthy causes … We have had people send us requests for medical assistance for large sums. Our purpose is to support the farmers and workers’ organisation.

With the damage caused by heavy rainfall on the Windward side of the island last year, Rose said four students were given bursaries of $500 to assist with expenses. From then, the board decided to start the process of awarding scholarships.

Rose encouraged the young recipients to be excellent students and perform well, not only academically, but also in other aspects of their lives.

The scholarships are valued at $1,200 per year.

Nioka Abbott, grandmother of Lericia, expressed her gratitude for the scholarships and guaranteed exceptional performance from Lericia. She also thanked the organisation and the government of this country for their efforts.

Also on hand at the ceremony were Joy Matthews, member of the board of directors and Noel Jackson, deputy chairman of the board and operations manager.(KW)