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‘Just Jeon’ brand creates buzz on Vincentian fashion scene

‘Just Jeon’ brand creates buzz on Vincentian fashion scene


One night of watching a Youtube video on how to make necklaces quickly turned into a creative passion for 26-year-old Jeon Adams.{{more}}

With her ‘Just Jeon’ brand, Adams’ handiwork has been creating a buzz on the Vincentian fashion scene, with her funky hair adornments and embellished clutch purses.

The devout Christian, who earlier this year completed a degree in Library and Information Studies at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus in Jamaica, believes that her craft is a part of God’s plan for her.

“Sometime in January, while in Jamaica, I was praying and God told me that I was going to get finances…. God had told me something big was going to happen for me in 2012…,” Adams explained.

That revelation came to fruition.

According to the Belair resident, while watching the video on Youtube on how to make the necklace, her experiment took a different path.

“I tried to make it and I was putting it over my head and I said to myself this could be made into a headband. I then made the headband and I wore it to the mall the next day and a lady told me it looked good and I should consider selling them…,” she said.

Adams said she wore the headband to school the following day and received great reviews from her classmates, some of whom requested headbands for themselves.

It was there and then the ‘Just Jeon’ brand was born.

Following the buzz all over campus about her creations, Adams said she entered a craft exhibition at school and her creations won the prize for best booth.

“I was doing something new almost every week and persons kept requesting a headband, purse or a bow… Sometimes my Facebook Inbox would be filled with requests…,” she chuckled.

Now that she’s back on home soil, Adams has since participated in two exhibitions, including the Fashion Tech Expo and the Lions Club craft show. She also is working along with Scrapie Dopwell, who is acting as a mentor to help develop her craft.

“It has really been going well since I’m back here. Every time I put a picture on Facebook of my latest creation, the requests come quickly and the items are gone…,” added Adams.

It is her hope that more persons would recognise her product, not just locally, but also on the regional scene. She, however, explained that some of the materials are difficult to obtain since she has to get them from Jamaica, and that they take a long time to get here.

Adams said very soon she is going to expand her collection by adding jewellery to the mix, but right now she is focusing on the headbands, bow ties and clutch purses.

Adams thanked Kemisha Bailey of Xhotic for supporting her all the way.

Interested persons can contact Adams on Facebook on her page “Just Jeon”, on Twitter: @JeonAdams and telephone number 454- 0049.