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Another Vincentian charged for drugs in Barbados


Yet another Vincentian has been arrested and charged for marijuana possession in Barbados.{{more}}

According to a July 22 press release from the Royal Barbados Police Force, Eden Carrell Charles Vincent, a 33-year-old of Layou, was arrested and jointly charged with three Barbadian nationals.

Vincent was charged jointly with Stuart Alex Simpson, 30; Anthony Ricardo Giles, 50; and David Ricardo Browne, 33, of Barbados with possession, possession with intent to supply, trafficking and importation of cannabis within the territorial waters of Barbados, the release indicated.

An operation at sea, led by the Barbados Police Force Drug Squad, along with the assistance of the Barbados Coast Guard and an element of the Regional Security System (RSS), a go-fast vessel was intercepted at sea about 9.7 nautical miles off Needham’s Point, St Michael about 8:20 p.m last Thursday.

The interception resulted in the seizure of 14 large taped packages of cannabis weighing 825 pounds.

During the operation, one of the Barbadian nationals was shot in the area of the right ankle.

In addition, a 15-foot boat was seized.

To date, three Vincentians have been arrested in that neighbouring Caribbean territory and since July 6, law enforcement officials in both Barbados and St Vincent have, in major operations, intercepted and seized over a ton of cannabis, believed to have originated in this country.

On July 6, Barbadian national Mark Corbin was caught here in SVG with over 12,515 grams of cannabis. The illegal substance was discovered during a routine stop and search operation, in which several taped packages containing the drug were discovered.

31-year-old Deon Soleyn of Belair was also apprehended, along with three Barbadian nationals during a bust at Heywoods Beach, Barbados on July 14.

The four men were charged with having in their possession 307 pounds of cannabis.

They were charged with possession, possession with intent to supply, trafficking and importation.

And last week Tuesday, two Vincentians and two Barbadian nationals were intercepted 6 miles north of St Lucy with 1,394 pounds of cannabis.

It is believed that a fifth man, who fell overboard /jumped, is also a Vincentian national; however, a positive identification has not yet been made.

Finally, four Barbadians were arrested and are on remand here after being intercepted by the local Coast Guard off the northern coast of St Vincent on July 13, on a boat carrying 1,706 pounds of cannabis. (DD)