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‘Yearnings of the Heart’ – a book of poems for everyone

‘Yearnings of the Heart’ – a book of poems for everyone


Laurell Wright believes that there is something in her book of poems for everyone.{{more}}

Wright, a Vincentian nurse working and residing in St Lucia, believes that any of the 40 poems, found in her first publication ‘Yearnings of the Heart (a book of poems)’, can inspire, enlighten and uplift the reader spiritually.

“It’s for people who have gone through their struggles and have overcome them, and for those who understand the love and grace of God.

“They are spiritually based poems, ranging from inspirational stuff, and also a personal interpretation of events and scriptures,” Wright said.

Wright, who spoke to SEARCHLIGHT this week, said that she has been writing poetry and plays since her teenage years, and has been recently inspired by other authors to share her work with the rest of the world.

She was recognized at the recently held St Lucia National Arts Festival, where she submitted some of her work and was a featured poet.

According to Wright, ideas for her poems come from everyday life, and because of the inexhaustible source, there will be more books on the way.

“I’m already working on other books. I’m hoping to do another book of poems, and I’ve always wanted to do a devotional, so I’m working on that.

“Sometimes I get the ideas when I am walking and record my thoughts. Sometimes when you just look around and you think about the things you go through and you see people going through the same things and you see how you overcome them, things just get flowing,” she added.

‘Yearnings of the Heart’ is currently available on Amazon for Kindle, and will soon be available in paperback at leading book stores here.

The author hopes to do a book signing before returning to her medical duties in St Lucia, where she also serves as worship leader at the church she attends there.(JJ)