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Canadian Olympics team 2012 theme song co-written by Vincentians

Canadian Olympics team 2012 theme song co-written by Vincentians


Vincentians now have more reasons to be proud of local musical talent.{{more}}

This time it’s not for the singing of another chart topping hit, but more for the work behind the scenes, as local songwriters Mark Cyrus and Candy Gloster have been credited for co-writing the theme song to be used by the Canadian Olympic team at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

The duo teamed up with Canadians Rob Wells and Christopher Anderson, as well as rapper ‘Ish’, who provided the main vocals on the song ‘Rolling’, which is being used to promote the Canadian team, as they compete in the international games, which begins in London, United Kingdom on July 27.

Gloster’s vocals are heard in the chorus of the song.

Cyrus, speaking at a recent press conference, hosted by Invest SVG, said that the accomplishment is a major milestone of which all Vincentians should be proud.

He noted that this breakthrough is just one of the many that he and Gloster have made since they began working through Invest SVG, and signed to a regional music publishing group called C2W (Caribbean to the World).

“The song is being used for all the Canadian television, radio and Internet commercials for the Olympics.

“Most recently we have just returned from a song writing camp in Nevis put on by Columbia Records, and it was to write for two artistes; one from X Factor finalist called Rachel Crowe, and the other was for Glee, which is the biggest television show in the world, and has a lead actress called Amber Riley. And from that, Candy has a song which is being cut by Rachel Crowe; it’s called Young Hearts and I have two productions and songs with Amber Riley which she already recorded and we’re just waiting to see where it fits into her album.

“We recently released the first single for Trinidadian pop artiste named Shazelle, featuring Beenie Man, called “State of Emergency”. Her album comes out next week in Japan and we have written seven songs on that album.”

Cyrus stated that a number of other songs and productions are in the pipeline to be released, featuring a number of international artistes.

The producer said that the involvement of Invest SVG has been the game changer, which has allowed him, Gloster, and a number of other local talent to receive international recognition.

“Since working with Invest SVG, we’ve seen the music industry grow outside of the soca and carnival world; and through working with them, develop song writing camps.”

Executive Director of Invest SVG Cleo Huggins said that her company was pleased to be involved in the song writing venture, and the fact that it has caused local talent to be recognized on the international scene.

“We’re very proud of that Mark and Candy…. So, from St Vincent and the Grenadines we can say that we have international recognition, by virtue of the fact that two of our song writers wrote the theme song for the Canadian Olympic team.”

Huggins also hinted at a number of projects that are slated to take place here, including an international media event, which would include Chief Executive officer of C2W Ivan Berry.