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Police Youth Clubs get boost at Chateaubelair

Police Youth Clubs get boost at Chateaubelair

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National coordinator of the Police Youth Clubs (PYC) Sergeant Cecile Mc Master is still on a spiritual high, stemming from last Sunday’s launch of three clubs at the Sharpes playing field in Chateaubelair.{{more}} The event was also used to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the Pan against Crime initiative.

The veteran officer told SEARCHLIGHT that she was deputy coordinator, but was appointed coordinator in November of last year.

“It’s a challenge which I am happy to take on. I have been a police officer for 29 years now, and I’ve worked all over the force; in immigration, process office, family courts and out station, I have four children and I am also a grandmother, so I am happy for the opportunity to work with these youths,” Mc Master said.

The three clubs launched on Sunday are based at Rose Hall, Petit Bordel and Chateaubelair; the Chateaubelair club comprised mainly of youngsters of the primary school age.

Some years ago, a police youth club had been established at Chateaubelair through the personal initiative of some police officers, who were at the station, however upon their transfer, the club became dormant.

Mc Master said that the situation is ideal as it gives the youngsters a longer period to observe the positive values which they are trying to instill.

“We want our youths to be well rounded, disciplined, productive and patriotic and be mentors for the younger ones, so that they can make a positive impact on the world,” she said.

Last Sunday’s event opened with the usual prayers and the national anthem, followed by welcome remarks by ASP Jonathon Nicholls, Sergeant Mc Master, government representative Dr Jerrol Thompson and Commissioner of Police Keith Miller.

Miller implored the public to report any case of police misconduct to him. The Commissioner later told SEARCHLIGHT that he was happy with the turn out and that he will take a personal interest in the outcome.

The police band, the three youth groups that were launched, The Tromouca Ontario Secondary School (TOSS) and North Stars steel orchestras as well as Shanelle Mc Kenzie, gave musical performances.(TY)