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Peace Corps Volunteer runs 49 miles from Petit Bordel to Georgetown

Peace Corps Volunteer runs 49 miles from Petit Bordel to Georgetown

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On Sunday, December 11, Peace Corps Volunteer Michael Dolan accomplished a remarkable feat: he ran from his home in Petit Bordel all the way to the home of a fellow volunteer in Georgetown.{{more}} Taking the scenic and mountainous route along the Leeward and Windward highways, Mike completed the 49-mile journey in a total of 14.5 hours.

“I like the long endurance runs and I thought it would be a good challenge,” said Dolan.

While initially motivated by an urge to see if he could claim this run as a personal achievement, the experiences he had along the way were equally as valuable. The journey around the southern two-thirds of the island on foot gave Dolan the opportunity to observe St. Vincent from a more intimate perspective. The early morning and late night segments of his run/walk revealed a peace and quiet on the island that helped him to remain mentally and physically focused in order to successfully complete the route.

He spoke of the kindness and generosity of the people he encountered as he traversed his way through villages filled with Christmas music and churchgoers. Along the way, many individuals helped Dolan by giving him water and words of encouragement at the mention of what he was doing.

Earlier this month, Dolan successfully completed the Run Barbados marathon. He is a former probation officer from Arizona, and works at the Petit Bordel Secondary School in his role as a Peace Corps Volunteer.