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Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket now rebranded as Super J IGA

Aunt Jobe’s  Supermarket now rebranded as Super J IGA

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The two supermarkets which formerly operated as Aunt Jobes will be rebranded to Super J IGA stores.{{more}}

A release from Ken Boyea, former owner of Aunt Jobe’s, said that Consolidated Foods Ltd (CFL) through its subsidiary CFL St. Vincent Holdings has signed an agreement to operate the two supermarkets from August 1, 2011. CFL currently operates nine Super J IGA stores in Saint Lucia. This latest acquisition brings to eleven the total number of Super J IGA stores operating in the chain, the release said.

CFL’s Chairman Michael Chastanet, Director Joanne Cooper, and Managing Director Andre Chastanet were among the signatories to the agreement, as well as Ken Boyea, the former owner of Aunt Jobe’s. Boyea is now a shareholder and board member of CFL St. Vincent Holdings. In that position he expects to bring his wealth of knowledge and experience of the SVG retial industry to the table.

“In signing the agreement, Mr. Boyea was pleased to see the coming together of two regional companies for the benefit of the people of the region. He noted that the two Aunt Jobe’s stores would not be closing and all current operational staffing will be maintained by the new company,” the release dated August 9 said.

CFL will undertake some changes in keeping with the compliance requirements of a Super J IGA branded store. The staff will undergo training according to Super J IGA standards.

In commenting on this latest investment, Managing Director Andre Chastanet said: ‘Super J IGA stores operate at international standards and we take out tagline “Better Everyday” seriously and literally, so Vincentian shoppers can expect a new shopping experience. Integrating meaningfully with the community is also very important to CFL wherever we operate, and that will be manifested in very real ways in the coming months”.

In June of this year, CFL through its subsidiary CFL St. Vincent Holdings also acquired a lease to the premises of the former Food City Supermarket Operations in Kingstown. This area is currently being renovated to house a Save a Lot supermarket, with a scheduled opening in October of this year.

CFL is poised to become one of the major investors in the retail market in St. Vincent. This investment in the Vincentian economy will generate employment both in the construction and services industries. The purchasing power of CFL and its experience in the food industry will bring direct benefit to consumers. Through its comprehensive training programs, CFL expects to significantly improve on the skills and career opportunities of its St. Vincent team; and allowing its staff to participate in the profits and ownership of the company will bring a new culture to the commercial and retail industry.

Consolidated Foods Ltd. (CFL) is a private limited liability St Lucian company involved in food retail and some aspects of food distribution. The company was formed in 2004, through a merger of St Lucia’s premiere and oldest supermarket chains.

The overall aim of CFL is to provide the island and the region with a global retail experience, while building the communities it serves, the release said.