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DPP: Despite the respect I have for Mr Dougan, he was clearly off-base

DPP: Despite the respect I have for  Mr Dougan, he was clearly off-base

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As far as the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Colin Williams is concerned, he conducted the recent murder trial of Che Bute and Azari Ash with all fairness to the defence.{{more}}

“I did my job in prosecuting the case fearlessly, honestly, and will continue to do so…,” the DPP


The DPP’s comments come in response to remarks made last week by Queen’s Counsel, Carlyle Dougan, who lashed out at the DPP after Bute and Ash were convicted for the murder of Lloyd “Lazarus” Samuel on Wednesday, July 27.

Dougan stated that Williams was unfit to hold the post of DPP and called for his resignation.

“Williams is not fit to

be DPP of this country and he ought to resign,” Dougan said in a SEARCHLIGHT article dated July 29, 2011.

Dougan also accused the DPP of suppressing the evidence of potential witnesses, including the son of the deceased man, who could have testified that they saw the person who ran away from the scene of shooting that night.

In his response to the allegations level against him, Williams said all of what was said is a total lie.

“Despite the respect I have for Mr Dougan, he was clearly off-base, malicious, false, inaccurate and misleading in what he had to say,” Williams stated.

According to the DPP, all of the evidence the prosecution had in their possession, the defense also had.

“Why didn’t he call these witnesses that he was referring to? I gave him all the witness statements from everybody. Why didn’t he call them?” Williams questioned.

The DPP said all the prosecution needed to do was to make out a case, which he said they did.

Williams said when he was still very young, Dougan was one of the first persons who told him about Law, and he maintains his respect for the Queen’s Counsel. Williams, however, noted that since he has been at the office of the DPP (2003), it was the first time he has had to prosecute a matter against Dougan.

“Clearly, his absence from the courtroom seems to have had some effect on him, in addition to his seniority…probably that has really impacted on him,” Williams said.

Responding to Dougan’s call for him to step down as DPP, Williams said that that is not something for Dougan to decide.

“He (Dougan) has an agenda and I know he has some grouse that he carries, but he has to resolve that himself,” Williams said.

“I am not going to surrender just because I have respected him for the past 40 plus years..,” asserted Williams.