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Trini Jungle Juice cover Vincy Mas 2011

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Vincy Mas 2011 went off without a hitch and media coverage was provided by none other than the world renowned Trinidad Jungle Juice (TJJ) media group.{{more}}

TJJ is a rapidly growing international internet media group that covers most major carnivals in the Caribbean region, USA and the UK. They have close to a staggering 40,000 Facebook followers and have recorded millions of hits on their web site Up until Vincy Mas 2011, TJJ had covered most major carnivals around the world except for carnival in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

TJJ was very impressed with the quality of SVG carnival, and for the short period they were in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, they provided media coverage for several events inclusive of the Carnival Development Committee (CDC) events and private events. They worked relentlessly from Fire Fete (June, 29th, 2011) right through to Mardi Gras (July 5, 2011) with little to no sleep.

This media coverage will be viewed by the ever growing group of TJJ followers online and on TJJ partners TV programs. TJJ posts hundreds of photos from their coverage on their website that are viewed by everyone in the Diaspora and a diverse audience around the world. Viewers of these photos inadvertently use the power of the internet to share their content with their friends and then shared even further with their friends’ friends. Facebook, of which TJJ is a very active member, is a great social marketing tool, and the exposure that St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Vincy Mas will receive from their photos and videos will be exponential.

Vincy Mas is used as a prime event to boost tourism and entice visitors to our shores. Due to financial constraints, it was unfortunate that organizations such as Discover SVG and Invest SVG could not have been as supportive as they usually can and offer any financial assistance to support the TJJ endeavor, in light of the fact that this was an immense opportunity to showcase Vincy Mas to a diverse audience around the world. Nonetheless, special thanks must be given to Grenadine House and Mirage Productions for sponsoring TJJ and making their visit to SVG a reality. Mention must also be made of the CDC and many of the private event organizers, such as “Fire Fete” and “Slippery When Wet”, who were very supportive in providing unlimited access to TJJ who covered their events. This venture was spearheaded solely by Ms. Rebecca *Becky* Gonsalves, with the vision of promoting Vincy Mas maximizing the power of the internet through TJJ.

The TJJ team led by Andre C. Choo Quan, also known as “Daddy Juice”, who is Global Director of Business Affairs of TJJ, is happy to have had the opportunity to cover one of the greatest festivals in the Caribbean, and is looking forward to offering media coverage of Vincy Mas in the years to come. TJJ is already making a dent in SVG!!