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Jamesy P and LIME Soca Dans part ways

Jamesy P and LIME Soca Dans part ways

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Come Vincy Mas 2012, one of the more prominent faces of the LIME-sponsored Soca Dans will be noticeably absent from the group’s line-up.{{more}}

James ‘Jamesy P’ Morgan confirmed that he ended his tenure with the group in the week running up to the Ragga Soca competition that took place on Friday, June 24, but insisted that it was an amicable parting of ways.

Amidst rumours being circulated of a breach of contract, Morgan set the record straight on the matter – explaining that he was unhappy with Island Network’s management of the Soca Dans.

Morgan, who joined the group in 2008, said: “I took myself from under the umbrella [Island Network] so I could make myself available to work with whoever wants to work with me… maximise my profits, take care of myself and my family.”

“When I looked at my personal image… it wasn’t being handled the way I wanted it to be,” he added.

Morgan said that as a Soca Dan he felt that his earning potential was being restricted, especially at Carnival time (May – July) when group members cannot perform at any shows or events that are endorsed/sponsored by LIME competitors.

He was quick to point out that his departure from the group has not soured his relationship with LIME, Island Network management or the remaining Soca Dans; and they remain on excellent terms.

“I have no grievance with Soca Dans. I respect all the artistes in there… If LIME wants to continue working with me, it can!”

Morgan, who said that he had been contemplating the move since October 2010, added: “ I’m not going to make the business part of this thing bring bad blood. It’s just that I did not like the managerial part of it.”

He did, however, insist that his overall experience as a Soca Dan has been an enjoyable one, but it was simply time for him to take his musical career in a different direction.

“If anybody doesn’t see my point of view and the reasons for me to leave, well, that’s their problem. I have to know, at the end of the day, what is best for me, my son, daughter and my wife,” he asserted.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, Herric Horne – manager at Island Network – supported Morgan’s version of events.

“We have different views in terms of how we go about handling management,” said Horne.

He explained that following a discussion with all concerned parties, it was decided that Morgan would be released from his agreement with Island Network.

With regard to the remaining members of the Soca Dans, Horne was confident that Morgan’s departure will not have a negative effect.

“Everyone is in good spirits because we have a lot of tours coming up,” he said.

As for ‘The Nookie Man’, fans will be wondering what he has planned for himself, now that he is a free agent.

“The sky is always the limit. It’s just for me to continue doing what I do… continue making good music!” declared Morgan.

And he will undoubtedly be using his recent success at the 2011 Soca Monarch competition to fuel his ambition.

Morgan placed fourth – a commendable performance, given that this was the first time he took part in the competition; and that he did not have as much support and financial backing as some of the heavy weights who participated.

“To me, it was a sense of achievement and self-accomplishment,” he said.

“I didn’t win Soca Monarch, but to me, I was the soca monarch because of what I did… in that battle field.”

Morgan explained that by no means was he saying that the judges’ decision was unfair – just that, in his own right, he was a winner, too.

But for the time being, Morgan has his hands full with the various carnivals and festivals that will be taking place over the upcoming months.

In July alone, he will be performing in Tortola, North Carolina and Toronto; and he is working towards doing gigs at London’s Notthinghill Carnival at the end of August.

Until he finds suitable representation, Morgan said that he will be handling his own bookings and management.

He may be contacted by phone on (284) 544 6089 or (784) 495 6563; by email ([email protected]; on Twitter (@thenookieman); and on FaceBook (search for ‘JamesyP’).