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Roberts called to the Bar

Roberts called to the Bar

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As one journey is accomplished, another is about to begin for Ranelle Roberts.{{more}}

Roberts, originally from Ribishi, Fair Hall, has been called to be the local bar of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, following years of studies in the United Kingdom.

The former Kingstown Preparatory School, Girls’ High School and St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College student, was deemed fit and reasonable to be a barrister and solicitor by Justice Frederick Bruce- Lyle, after being recommended by Carlyle Dougan Q.C, and seconded by Penola Grant.

The daughter of Randolph and Hazel Roberts is expected to return to the United Kingdom where she studied at the Holborn College and College of Law in Birmingham, and will be taking up duties with PCD, York and Co., who specialize in criminal, immigration, wills and probate and property matters.

Roberts thanked her parents, friends and family for their support, and said that she is looking forward to taking up her new challenge in the law practice.