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Funtime Promotions back at it again

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Funtime Promotions will, this year, be celebrating its 10th Anniversary in T-Shirt band Productions. The journey got started in 2001 when the first band was launched with DJ Danovan and Exclusive Sounds alongside artistes “Supadex”, “Coyaba”, “Prince Marcus” and “Poorsah”, who eventually went on to win the Roadmarch Title of that year with his hit song “Hairy Bank”.{{more}}

A few years later, forces were joined with OMS Promotions for the staging of Carnival Monday T Shirt bands as OMS and Funtime Promotions. This continued up to 2010.

This year, Funtime Promotions has joined forces with Francois Promotions and Vincy International Connections (V.I.C), a Vincy organization based in New York. Members of this organization include Dexter “Supadex” Richards, “Lively” and Promoter Junior “Soca” Jones, among others. The members of this group were also involved with T Shirt band productions previously.

This grouping will be teaming up with Francois Promotions to host another spectacular Jouvert band called “Delinquent Colours”. This band will hit the streets from 4.00am. The assembly point is at Francois promotions bar at Heritage Square. Body paint in various colours will be provided to the Revellers of this band for only $15.00.

The highlight of the celebrations will be the host of a highly anticipated massive T-Shirt band “Delinquent Colours”, which is scheduled to kick off at 3.00 from Heritage Square. The entertainment package boasts of SVG’s newest musical sensation “K-NetiK” band, “Gao”, “Poorsah”, “Galanaire”, “Lively”, “Alla-G”, “Lawyer Boy” and “Elegance”, along with “DJ Tarrus” and “DJ Rough Ice” out of New York. Revellers can expect to have lots of fun as they will be entitled to unlimited free drinks. These include Smirnoff Vodka, SLR Rum, Johnny Walker Black, Couvoursier, Hairoun Beer and Guinness. Patrons will also be entered into a raffle where gifts from sponsors can be won.

Spaghetti Straps, Baby Tees and T shirts are available at Music Centre, Pennywise, OMS Discount Center, Sion Hill Lotto Booth and Francois Promotions Bar at Heritage Square.

Patrons can purchase a package deal of both Jouvert and T Shirt band for $40.00 and get the chance to be entered into a raffle where Revellers get the chance to win prizes from various sponsors.

Producer of this event Ezzie Roberts thanks all revellers who played with Funtime Promotions over the years, along with sponsors for this year, which include Karib Cable, Karibbean Tire, Providence Electronic Solutions, Courts, Amerijet, SLR, Smirnoff Vodka, Hairoun, Church’s Chicken and IKTV.