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Herbal remedies may not be enough, says Ramsetty

Herbal remedies may not be enough, says Ramsetty

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Herbal and vegetable remedies do not always have the required potency to effectively treat diabetes.{{more}}

This is the view of Endocrinologist Dr. Anita Ramsetty.

Ramsetty, in an interview with SEARCHIGHT, said: “I had one lady ask me again about taking cucumber juice and corilla (cerassie) juice. I said ‘That’s all good, you should do those things. They will help you and maintain your health anyway. But, for a lot of people, those just lack the power that you need.’

“It’s like putting this big mountain in front of someone and giving them a hoe and saying ‘I need you to clear that whole mountain; as opposed to saying ‘drive that tractor up that hill and till the whole thing.’ A lot of times, medication is the tractor that you need to get the work done,” said Ramsetty.

She said corilla and the other juices will take “forever” to give diabetics the result that they desire.

“And in the meantime, you let all these blood sugars do damage for months and months,” said Ramsetty.

She appealed to diabetics not to ignore the disease.

Ramsetty also issued an appeal for persons to stay away from carbonated drinks.

“My general feeling about carbonated drinks, is if you have diabetes, they are an absolute no, no, because they are a straight shot of sugar with no nutritional benefits,” said Ramsetty.

She said in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, where one in 12 persons develops diabetes, young people should desist from consuming carbonated drinks.

Ramsetty suggested that people drink as much water as possible.(HN)