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SVGS hosts water, tree symposium

SVGS hosts water, tree symposium

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On Tuesday, March 22, the day when the United Nations observed World Water Day, the Young Leaders of the St. Vincent Grammar School commemorated the occasion by hosting a water and tree fest symposium.{{more}}

Held at Frenches House in Kingstown, the members of the RBTT sponsored Young Leaders joined forces with the members of the school’s Environmental Club to produce the workshop, under the theme “Preserving our water by preserving our trees”, and saw students of the school as well as those invited from other secondary schools being presented with a wide range of environmental topics from the experts.

The topics included water conservation, tree preservation, water sustainability, as well the importance of trees.

The Young Leaders also conducted experiments and demonstrations in an effort to reinforce the need for the preservation and conservation of water for future generations.

President of the Grammar School Young Leaders John Rickards informed the gathering that the symposium was held to educate the public on the unique relationship between trees and water.

“On one hand, trees need water in order to perform important functions necessary to sustain their lives…. On the other hand, rainfall occurs more frequently in areas where there is an abundance of trees.”

“This relationship between trees and water forces us in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to pay careful attention to our rainforest, and also make a personal commitment to plant a tree each year as our contribution to water preservation.”

Headmaster Frank Jones commended his Young Leaders for the talent, insight and foresight shown in approaching the topic and encouraged all in the hall to regard the symposium as an event that will impact on their attitude towards the preservation and appreciation for fresh water.

“We know water to be a universal solvent. Without water, our very bodies cannot function. We know that fresh water is a very scarce resource. It is also a very valuable resource and we must do all we can to preserve it.”

“As we participate in this symposium, let us open our hearts, open our minds, open our intellect, so that we can gather whatever we can from this so that we can impact positively not only on our own attitudes, but on the attitude on our fellow men who are not able to be here….”

Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment Cecil McKie, a former student of the school, speaking at the symposium, said that the concept of holding such an activity must be complimented and commented and that he hope that the initiative would have far reaching effects.

“When you would have completed the process of this Young Leaders’ initiative, I am sure that at the end of the day, not only those who participated but the entire school would become very conscious of the need to preserve water in all forms and fashions wherever it is used, and you would continue to do your part to ensure that we preserve this very important commodity.”

The Minister also noted that the leadership future of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is in safe hands, thanks to initiatives as the Young Leaders program.

The group indicated that they intend to take their efforts to international heights, by making a financial contribution to Life Outreach International, which through its ‘Water for Life’ project, drills and installs water wells in areas around the world where fresh water is not easily accessible.

This year’s theme for the RBTT Young Leaders Program is ‘Water; Beyond the Surface, Sustaining Life, Securing our Future’.