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More than 5,000 students to participate in RBTT Young Leaders’ Day

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March 25, 2011, is RBTT Young Leaders Day. More than 5,000 third and fourth form students in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua, Grenada and St. Lucia will take to their communities to promote responsible water practices and water’s relation to health and sanitation in response to the 2010/2011 RBTT Young Leaders theme Water:{{more}} Beyond the Surface-Sustaining Life, Securing our Future. Young Leaders’ Day will highlight the positive contribution young people are making to society through activities in their schools and communities.

Young Leaders’ Day is a celebration of tomorrow’s leaders. Each year students respond to the challenge to address themes that highlight issues of global significance and with impending consequences when they enroll to participate in the RBTT Young Leaders programme. Through their participation, they develop leadership and interpersonal skills that foster collaboration and interest in the well-being of society.

Country Head, RBTT Bank Limited Isaac Solomon says “RBTT, through its Young Leaders Programme, has been contributing to the development of Caribbean leaders for over 30 years. The programme provides a forum where young people learn to think outside the box and collaborate with their peers towards the creation of a better society, a better region, and a better world. ”

In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, schools have several activities planned to mark Young Leaders’ Day and raise awareness of water-related issues. Among the activities, young leaders will profile their schools’ projects which attempt to support water-management and conservation.. Young Leaders’ Day follows World Water Day observed on March 22 annually.

Water is a primary area of focus for RBC, parent company of RBTT. The bank established the RBC Blue Water Project in 2007, a 10-year, CAD$50 million project to support research and projects that protect watersheds and ensure access to clean drinking water. Already, CAD$28 million have been disbursed in grants to 380 organisations around the world.

Globally, RBC employees mark Blue Water Day on June 11 each year. Over 77,000 employees in 54 countries mark the day by wearing blue to raise awareness about the value and vulnerability of water and celebrate with activities planned in branches across the Caribbean and around the world.