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Bethel High Scool promoting healthy lifestyles

Bethel High Scool  promoting healthy lifestyles

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The introduction of a Health Education for Life Through Adolescents (HELTA) group at the Bethel High School has been welcomed by officials in both the Ministries of Education and Health and the Environment.{{more}}

The group, which joins three others of its kind in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, kicked off last Friday, March 18, with an exhibition at the school in Campden Park.

Lauding the efforts of the partnership between the two institutions was Principal of the school Wendell Edwards, who noted that “For many years we have had our Health and Family Life program in secondary schools. However, due to lack of resources and personnel, it had never gained momentum that we would have liked. So at this time we offer special thanks to the Ministry of Health and the Environment as they partnered with us in the teaching of Health and Family Life to make it more meaningful.”

“It comes to us at a time when we are hearing about healthy lifestyle and the Wellness Revolution. this is just another one in the same vein.

Edwards acknowledged that the youngsters were finding difficulty adjusting to the growth and development issues as they mature, and that the HELTA group will be there to help them to be more focused and conscious of development, which should improve their character and esteem.

Also applauding the group and the program was Chief Health Educator Patsy Wyllie, who encouraged students to come on board the program, as there are benefits of being a member of the group.

“At the end of the day, I hope that the numbers would multiply, and we hope that you would visit other schools and interact with them so you would continue to practice and maintain healthy lifestyles in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Friday’s launch saw an exhibition which displayed ways and means of healthy living, as well as the types and consequences of unhealthy choices and lifestyles.

A number of business places, including the St. Vincent Brewery Ltd and Premier Distributors, were also present, displaying a number of their products that promote healthy living.

Coordinator of the HELTA programme in the Leeward Zone, Family Life Educator Shanika John, indicated that the objective of the program is to expand into other schools and communities in that area, in an attempt to incorporate as many schools as possible.

The programme, whose objectives include assisting adolescents to adapt and maintain healthy lifestyles, developing their potential, the quality of individual family and community life, along with growth and development adjustment, got started in 2003.

There are also groups in Brighton, Owia and Kingstown.(JJ)