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BCHS cleans water catchments in Bequia

BCHS cleans water catchments in Bequia

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The Bequia Community High School (BCHS) Young Leaders along with residents spent World Water Day, March 22, cleaning the two major water catchments on the island. These catchments supply residents with water during the dry season.{{more}}

Care was taken not to remove or destroy the trees so vital to rainfall, but they were pruned back. Garbage in the area was also removed. The Young Leaders are in the process of organizing a segment on water catchment in the Grenadines to be aired on the “If You Didn’t Know” segment of the evening news on SVGTV soon.

Residents were also encouraged to wear white and or blue in support of water our most precious natural resource on World Water Day March 22.

Public Relations Officer Dawnlyn Bynoe would like all Vincentians to do their part in water conservation, especially after that minor drought in 2009-2010. She offered the following advice:

Reuse and reduce water-reuse kitchen water to wet plants, reduce the amount of water for showers, washing vehicles, wetting plants; Take care in the removal of trees on hill sides and remove trees only if it is absolutely necessary, in which case one should be replanted somewhere else; Water plants when the sun is at its weakest, late evenings or early mornings, preferably before sunrise. Since most of our plants are hardy do not over water the plants. Every two or three days may be appropriate, depending on location and soil type/cover; Remember, you will never miss the water until the well run dry and H2O have you had your 8?