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West St. George Secondary School Participates in Radio Programme

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Two students of the West St. George Secondary School were guests on a talk show, hosted by Curtis King on We FM 99.9, on Tuesday at 8:00 pm.{{more}}

Two Young Leaders from the St. Vincent Grammar School were also present, and participated in the programme. The Young Leaders from the West St. George Secondary School took the opportunity to launch their song “Water is Life”.

The aim of the programme was to make citizens more aware of what the Young Leaders’ programme is about this year, and the role they can play in water conservation.

This week, the Young Leaders also aired their radio ad entitled “Are You a Water Waster?”. This Thursday, the Young Leaders also plan to embark on a “Water Drive” commencing at 1:00 pm. This drive will start at the school and continue to Barrouallie. During this activity, the Young Leaders plan to distribute flyers, play the radio ad and song, as a means of encouraging citizens to conserve water.

This Sunday, at the Doris Mckie Resource Centre in Upper Cane Hall, the Young Leaders would be putting on an entertaining programme entitled: “Waste Water to day, Less Water Tomorrow”, aimed at sensitizing the public on the importance of water conservation. The Young Leaders have also begun their main project based on rain water harvesting. This project was chosen because rain water is under-utilized in this country; hence the Young Leaders want to encourage Vincentians to make adequate use of rain water.

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