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Thomas Saunders Young Leaders on a mission

Thomas Saunders Young Leaders on a mission

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The Thomas Saunders Secondary School Young Leaders are on a mission to preserve water in St.Vincent and the Grenadines as part of the RBTT annual Young Leaders’ programme.{{more}}

The 25-member group officially launched their 2011 programme on Friday, March 11, at the school’s grounds. The school has adopted the theme, ‘Versatility, Longevity, Sustainability – Water the new oil’.

President of the group Reenah Samuel, in her address, said as part of their efforts to preserve water, they would be spearheading a rehabilitation drive of some of this country’s natural springs.

Samuel said they have seen the need to publicize these springs and help to restore them.

The main theme for this year is ‘Water: Beyond the Surface. Sustaining life. Securing our future’.