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SWMU embarks on clean-up drive in SVG

SWMU embarks on clean-up drive in SVG

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The Solid Waste Management Unit (SWMU) will be spearheading two major community clean-up activities on mainland St.Vincent, on April 14.{{more}}

The clean-ups will take place in the communities of South Rivers and Petit Bordel and will be conducted in conjunction with community groups and individuals.

The SWMU recognizes that littering and dumping is a major problem in all communities and hopes that by focusing cleanup efforts in these two areas, it will help to encourage individuals and community groups throughout the country to get on board with the CWSA/SWMU ‘s, “NO – LITTERING” campaign for 2011-2012.

“There is a big job in this country to motivate and mobilize communities to clean-up and the CWSA/SWMU is taking on the challenge”, stated a news release from the SWMU.

According to the news release, the SWMU is banking on the support of stakeholders who have participated in the past.

The CWSA/SWMU will be holding discussions with other agencies that have responsibility for the various aspects of environmental management, with a view to working together on a continuous basis.

The CWSA also takes the opportunity to encourage other businesses to come on board and to commend those that have assisted in this regard in the past.