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Sandy Bay Young Leaders sensitizing the public on water conservation

Sandy Bay Young Leaders sensitizing the public on water conservation

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The students of the Sandy Bay Secondary School Young Leaders continue to work towards sensitizing the public on water conservation techniques.{{more}}

This is being done through their daily programme which is aired on Garifuna FM. Meanwhile, in their quest to complete the project and to get the collaboration of the community, the Young Leaders, along with the school population, on Friday, March 18, went on a cleaning drive to the various sites identified for their project. The students from Sandy Bay, Overland and Magum, along with teachers, went to the Old Well; those from Owia and Pointe, along with the teachers from the village, went to the springs, while those from Fancy, along with the teacher, stayed in Fancy at the water tank. All sites were cleaned and flowers were planted to enhance the areas. The Young Leaders’ main focus is to enhance the ground water supply which is prevalent and acts as the main source of water for the farming population in the area.

On Monday, March 21, the Young Leaders visited the Sandy Bay Government School to sensitize the students on the importance of water and water conservation techniques.

On Saturday, March 26, the students will visit the big springs in Owia, to enhance this area and to start an irrigation project; they will also distribute leaflets to the people in Owia on water conservation techniques.