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West St. George Young Leaders visit schools

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As a part of their quest to empower students to conserve water, the Young Leaders of the West St. George Secondary School have begun to conduct school visits during which students are taught facts about water, the need for water conservation, ways water can be conserved and the benefits of water conservation.{{more}} These students have been challenged to encourage their parents to conserve water. Each student was given a bookmark prepared by the Young Leaders as a token.

So far, the Young Leaders have conducted these sessions at the West St. George Secondary School, the Belair Primary School and the Gomea Methodist School. The Young leaders distributed bumper stickers, flyers and book marks at the Arnos Vale intersection on Thursday, March 10, in the morning, as well as in the Cane Hall area in the evening of the same day. Additionally, they launched an art competition at the school on Wednesday, March 9, in which students were encouraged to draw an original piece of art depicting any aspect of water conservation. Prizes will be awarded.

The Young Leaders hope to commence their main project next week, which is to install a rain water tank at a residence in Dauphine and connect it to the toilet and washing machines as well as using the rain water for irrigation. The utilization of rainwater is now encouraged in countries as a viable water conservation measure. Furthermore, considering the fact that the bathroom and toilet are the areas of the house where most water is used, the Young Leaders anticipate that this can be a model that can be used to promote water conservation in the home. There is also a plan to collect the waste water in smaller barrels at the home and to use it for irrigation purposes.